The List: Books I Will Read by the End of 2016

I love reading, but I love writing, travelling, instagramming and a bunch of other things more. So, you know, I just use the world’s most know excuse, I do not have time to read. However, I really need to get back to that habit that used to make me feel so joyful meanwhile and afterwards. That’s why I wrote a list of books I really need to read ASAP.

  1. Der geteilte Himmel (They Divided the Sky) by Christa WolfChrista_Wolf,_Der_geteilte_Himmel_1963

No wondering it is on top of the list honestly. Two years ago, the only place I wanted to go, live, be was Vancouver. Since I went to London, I understood there is beauty in every city of this marvelous world. Berlin might be cold, different from London, Paris, Rome… but its history is what stole my heart. I was thinking about writing a short story set in Berlin during the wall, would you like it?

  1. Love X Style X Life by Garance Doré

Well, you know, starting with a book like that, finding one to fit the second place is pretty much impossible. A whole different genre, this is not so cultural, but I love Garance’s blog and I’m looking forward to learn something useful in my present and future life.

  1. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

    Girl on the TrainDu kennst sie nicht aber sie kennt dich von Paula Hawkins
    Girl on the TrainDu kennst sie nicht aber sie kennt dich von Paula Hawkins

It’s again a change of genre. This is a thriller. I got the book at the beginning of November while in Rome but I read only the first chapters while on the plane to go to Berlin, or maybe coming back from Berlin. Anyway, this is one of those books I have read the plot countless times before actually buying it, but I guess I am convinced now.

  1. Finding My Shine by Nastia Liukin

The reason why I want to read this is deeper than a pure fangirl moment. Well, not that much actually. The thing is I really hope to finish my book by the end of 2016, at least the first one, and to have it published as an eBook on Amazon or whatever. This might be a great inspiration to see life from a world class athlete’s eyes.

  1. Last Days of Winter by Camilla Iannotta

* I do not have a cover, sorry *

The list of books I am looking forward to read is endless. You should see my library, full of book I have never even started. But well, one day I will finish all of them (except for The Betrothed, that is too much). The real goal is to see my book done and to finally be able to read it on my kindle, like a real book.

Which books are on your list?

BTW, I forgot to say I will review the books as soon as I read them and… drumroll… I’m finally back into full time blogging (officially from Tuesday, honestly from now). Did you miss me?

Have A Safe Journey!



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