Sunday Talks: Safety

This post should have been about the new fashion trend of colouring your hair brown with a red fade. I tried, I really tried writing about it, but I couldn’t.On Thursday our history teacher came in as usual, started talking about the fascist era and analyzed how a totalitarianism takes place so easily. You know I don’t share my political view on the blog, not only because I don’t think I am informed enough to share it, but also because I don’t see any benefit for you. This time, I won’t either. But I will share my thoughts about today’s world.

Donald Trump is looking forward to becoming the new president of the US, proudly saying his motto out loud: we should close the borders to Muslim. The thing that got me during that history class was that the fight against a common enemy was the basis of a totalitarianism. Do not misunderstand my idea: I AM NOT saying Trump wants to become a dictator or something, but do we really have to reckon any Muslim is dangerous? Capable of murder? I don’t think so. Even though I am not Muslim, some people close to me are and I know they are amazing people, even better than me. Should I start worrying about them? Should I have prejudices? No. This is NOT the world in which I want to live.

You know I’m basically a wanderer who comes home just to get another suitcase ready. You also know I’m an adopted Londoner always looking forward to go back to my second home. However, yesterday while planning my next trip, either to London or to somewhere else here in Europe, I did not have the courage to book it. It’s not that I’m afraid of going, nor even that I will never travel again, simply yesterday I couldn’t. Here in Bergamo I feel averagely safe, there isn’t much going on and I’m quite far from the airport, but well this doesn’t mean I should not worry. I was afraid of going to London, London I mean! I always say I would sell my soul to the devil to go there over and over again, but not this time.

Europe has tried so many times to keep war outside its borders but we are not alone in this planet, we have to care about others.

I want to feel safe. I don’t want my grandma to check if everyday if we are still leaving for Berlin as it has been a target. I want to leave with joy, not with fear. I want to hear “Have A Safe Journey!”, not “Better if you don’t go to crowded place in order to stay safe”. But most of all, I want to travel to every single country of the world and how am I supposed to do that if there is war?

Have A Safe Journey? Not really.




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