December & Time Managing

Here’s to all of us. To those people like us who come back home, having a precise and detailed list with everything they have to do, minute by minute. And then they end up in the evening with even more things to do and do not know how it was possible to waste so much time.

I basically try not to waste time, even though being a blogger means you waste so much time on the computer writing for people you don’t even know, but that’s part of #theperksofbeingablogger. But let’s think about yesterday. I came home earlier than planned after school, okay not so early because Jessica took the long way, but it was around 1pm okay. Then I had lunch and I started reviewing for a school test which will take place on Wednesday. By the time Paola called me I had done basically nothing and, even though she left earlier than planned and the Canadian family arrived later, I didn’t use that window of time to study. This morning I review pretty much good, but now I’m here writing this super cool blogpost instead of studying, so wise, isn’t it? And I miss watching PLL so bad but I need to wait the 22nd of December to see the next episode (I made a promise, no more Netflix until that date, otherwise my marks would go so low). And I made time to go running only once this week, because running was no longer a priority. Even diet was no longer a priority! It’s pretty much crazy right now, I’m stressed and I keep on eating shit. But I bet better days will come. 2 weeks of school break at Christmas sound great, even though I will have a lot to do, like working, skiing, running, training, blogging, cooking, driving lesson and even studying… but now I’ve got an agenda which is a great support to my messy life.hello-decemberhello-december.jpg

How do you make time for everything you plan to do? Please give me any tip, everything is welcomed, really I’m that desperate.

Have A Safe Journey!



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