Friday Favourites (on Saturday): 8

Good morning my beloved fellows! I guess you are thinking: What happened to you? Did you disappear or something? I’m fine, last day in Berlin (Saturday) was pretty intense as Jessica got her phone stolen so we headed to the nearest police station in order to fix the problem but we couldn’t do much. Well, I can say it was not the best way to end up our trip, but we could have gotten hurt or something, so I’m trying to see the positive side anyway. But please, if you go to Berlin, can you buy me a copy of Der geteilte Himmel by Christa Wolf? I’ll pay you back 😉

Anyway this is my favourite day of the weekend, or better, Friday actually was… But I guess we had to choose the week’s favourites, a bit late…

Favorite Feeling: Coming Home

You of course know about my love & hate relationship with my hometown… However, as I get home, is always nice to stay there for a couple of hours… Then I start googling tips for my next trip lol.

Favourite Food: Gingerbread Cookies

 Omg I think I have a problem with this. Thanks god I cannot find them in Italy, otherwise I would be fatter than ever. This are addicting, trust me!

Favourite Place: My Bedroom

Also known as have a safe journey headquarters, my bedroom is my safe place. And why do you think of my new armchair? Actually, it’s not new, it was in my dad’s room but he had no space (problems with Christmas tree, it’s a long story) and I was so gentle to volunteer to welcome this stunning piece of furniture in my room.

Favourite Comeback: My Canadian Family

 I wish I could post an actual picture, but when it comes to minors I don’t like to see records on the Internet. My second family has arrived late yesterday night, as I am writing this post basically and I’m so looking forward to meeting them.
Favourite Treat: Winter Sweet Break

Do you guys know about it? Every weekend at Hotel Milano Alpen Resort Meeting & Spa they do afternoon break with homemade desserts and cookies, plus a well deserved hot chocolate (or tea).

Favourite Run: Get Out There

 Get your flash ready, winter waits for no one. Gave my all, but so worth it.

Favourite TV Show: PLL   

PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one addicted to this. I’m freaking out, I need to know who A is. Currently at season 5 episode 2 (to watch) but it planning to finish it before the end of the year 🙂

I would like to excuse myself for my absence lately. Blogging was not a priority in the last few days, plus I had a huge philosophy test which made me feel terrible so not exactly in the mood to write a new post. These upcoming days will be tough as hell, but I’ll do my best for what concerning time managing in order to publish at least once a day or 5 times per week. Stay tuned!

How was your week?

Have A Safe Journey!





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