Friday Favourites: 7

This is the actual day of the week… What are my Berlin’s favourite? Choice courtesily made by Chiara & Alessandra.

Favourite Food: Curry Wurst  
This is Berlin’s most typic food. Simply delicious.

Favourite Breakfast: Breakfast at Starbucks

The modern version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It never get old, does it?

Favourite People (1): New friends 

Here’s to new friends. To those people you have known for ages but never actually gone out with. Here’s to that. To that amazing moment when everyone is friendly, that moment of the journey I honestly love more than anything else.

Favourite People (2): Old Friends  

Some people are just meant to stay with you for ages, maybe for the rest of your life. That’s it, 8 years and much more adventures to come. 

Favourite Running Moment: Using Nike+ and being the one with most km.

Omg. 42.7 Km is more than a marathon in 3 days. Pretty crazy but now I’m back to my average monthly km lol. 

Favourite Sunset: Sunset in Berlin  

Crazy moments and crazy skies over here. I might think about moving in this Bezirk.

Favourite Work of Art: Berliner Mauer

The east side gallery is one of my favourite places over here. 1km long is the perfect distance for a speed run while watching some amazing pictures. Have you been there?

Favourite Dessert: Kaiserschmarn  

So I promised you I would learn the name of this only because this is so good so I can ask my grandma to make it.

Favourite Childish Moment: On the Route

This is super crazy. Not as cool as the London Eye, but a good version (and definitely cheaper!)

Favourite Place: Der Bundestag

Hey, I almost got to know Frau Merkel. Okay, really almost. But like I have been out of her office and she wasn’t even in.

Favourite Photo: This One!  

We weren’t in a funny place. But people can have fun in the most hopeless place.

Favourite Period of the Year: Christmas?

Do I have to tell you more? I simply love this period of the year, also because I’ll be at home in a plaid watching Pretty Little Liars (translate: studying as hell while working and freaking out because I don’t have time to write on the blog).

How was your week?

Have A Safe Journey!




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