The List: All I Want for Xmas Is (Not Only) You

Dear friends and family,

I know you are ready my blog. I know it because you always do. Particularly when I’m abroad. I know you have already started to look for the perfect present for anyone we know. I know, because you always do. Hey, I know so many things 😂.

And I know you might do not know what my xmas list looks like because I’m such a messy person that I always find new needs. Yes, I’m the daughter of globalization. Pure product of it. So let’s begin by real presents I would be more than happy to receive.

Number 1: Tiffany’s marathon edition charm.

Number 2: Adidas by Stella, sweatshirt and bra.

Number 3: Nike Tights! 


Number 4: Starbucks mug (but also tiffany’s if you want 


Number 5: The bib for #WeRunLondon 2016. Please!

Number six: This Nike 


Okay now let’s begin with the dream presents. 

1. Make me run a 10k with this time. This would be more than amazing. 

2. A trip to Vancouver and a run in Stanley Park.

  3. A trip to the land of fire.

4. NYC Marathon.

5. A trip to London.

6. A training buddy.

7. Last but not least, could the training buddy even be a great boyfriend? Hahah just joking.

Have A Safe Journey!




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