Snapshot Diary: Here We Go!

 Berlin is closer everyday… Basically tomorrow! Time to pack… Are you willing to follow my journey? From tomorrow on, check out my Berlin Diary. For now, have a look at this snap 🙂  
Eggs and zucchini for lunch. I was late at my grandma’s but this was an advantage, wasn’t it?

 Omg. She kept cakes and peaches to make sure I got a piece. What the hell! 
Afternoon tea with the family.  

 My little boy wanted a waffle with Nutella and I’m such a good cousin that I got him one.   

Shopping! Because every time we think about Berlin we think about parties. And also saw my nutritionist, it’s gonna be a LOOONG week!

 Blogging and some suppers 🙂 nice evening.

I actually finished packing. Should be okay I guess. Or at least I hope.

Apres ski season is on! Aperitivo at our favourite place with the family… @HotelMilanoBratto, you treat us well!

I’m so looking forward to this trip. And I’m so stocked about my new mate. How was your day?

Have A Safe Journey!



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