Let’s Talk About: Alpen SPA


Sponsored ~ Imagine yourself three hours from now: you went running in the cold windy air, probably this morning you even went skiing because Monte Pora opens today and you are freezing. According to Annemerel you should probably go for a hot chocolate plus whipped cream, as it is considered the best post – workout meal of the winter, but if you are on a diet like me or you hate chocolate,  you should probably find another alternative. Of course a tea would work as well, but if you drink a tea you need cookies and then why don’t you just take a hot chocolate?  And then you must consider there’s gonna be the first apres ski tonight and that’s so popular that you would look like an freak if you don’t go (remember to book to be sure you get a table: Hotel Milano Alpen Resort Meeting and Spa: +39 034631211), except if you were in an even cooler place. That place is called Alpen SPA, right under the apres ski, literally. Same place, underground floor.
Is there anything better to relax in warm water and jacuzzi after a long day outside? And have I ever mentioned they even offer massages? For instance, if you are craving chocolate,  you should go for a chocolate massage. If you are craving red, because you are a woman and a woman can crave whatever she wants, go for the red velvet (please note: a real red velvet cake is not included).
And then you sweat a little more in the sauna, you return cold-free in the turkey bath and you spend quality time with your loved ones.
Have I convinced yet? Because otherwise there’s more. You could drink champagne in the relax area (remember to advise the staff in advance if you desire a bottle). Last but not least, you can even see the sunset from the window.



So wish me luck this afternoon because I’m going to pack instead of being in the spa. What’s left to say?
Have A Safe Journey!


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