Friday Favourites: 6

 Favourite Feeling: Winter Feeling
Hot teas, blankets, UGGs, snow, hot chocolate with whipped cream, skiing. Everything about winter is great, but for now let’s start by loving tea.

Favourite Event: Weihnachtsmarkt in Castione della Presolana  

 There is nothing but love when it comes to Christmas markets. My home town opened it last weekend and it was more than great.

Favourite Moment: Completing all 3 goals

Having your butt kicked by a group of 3 PT might sound bad, but not when it comes to reaching all your goals on Apple Watch. Thanks guys!

Favourite Dream: Berlin Marathon

Did I ever mention my passion for Berlin? I mean, you all know I am crazy for Vancouver and for London, but Berlin is fascinating as well and the marathon there is perfection. Think about how great it would be to be in Berlin now, while snowing… Maybe…

Favourite Weather: It’s snowing! 

 On Monday it was snowy! Such a great start to the week, felt amazing!

Favourite celebration: Study Prizes

 Four years in a row, YESSS!

Favourite Tattoo: London Skyline

One day I’m gonna get a tattoo and probably it will be similar to this one, because London is one of the city that influenced me most and I’ll never forget that.

Favourite Place to Be: NYC  
 Do you remember my words about Berlin? Forget them. I would sell my soul to the devil to go to NYC now, at Christmas Time. I’m currently writing a piece of my book set in NYC, right before Christmas, so I’m dreaming about running in Rockfeller Center, drinking Starbucks’ Gingerbread Latte for no reason and Bergodorf Goodman floor only for Christmas.

 Favourite Moment of the Day: Running at night

Days are getting shorter. Nights are coming earlier, but nothing matters when you have a mate to run with. Nice feeling running in the dark.

Favourite Food: Raspberry Jame  
Well… It was made by my grandma, do I need to say more?

Favourite Song: Beating Heart  

It’s so old, isn’t it? But I still love it. #EllieGouldingTheQueen.

Have A Safe Journey!




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