Love: Bollicine

Sponsored ~ Every action has a purpose. For instance, we run for cake. Yes, such a philosophical beginning and such a terrible example. Anyway, my meaning was: we all love leading a healthy lifestyle (please note: we run for cake), but when it comes to winter, those amazing Apres Skis and that bloody cold, a glass of wine is a must.I’m not an alcohol addicted, if I don’t find any beverage I like (like Aperol Spritz, Strawberry Vodka Lemon and Champagne) I’d rather drink a coke or something like that. If I drink, whether for a special occasion or because I have an outstanding bottle of wine, it has to be a great experience every time. Don’t go for good, go for the outstanding, or even better, go for the best.

Being a daughter of a sommelier has given me the opportunity to never drink an average wine, nor even a sip, to know the best champagne producers and to have tried dozen of them. So, when the owners of “Un Amore di Vino”, a love of a wine, an Italian website dedicated to amazing wines only asked me for a collaboration, I was more than excited.

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t drink alcohol, it just means you cannot indulge, but a glass of wine never killed anyone, even though a glass of vodka could.

The only rule: if you drink it, it’d better be outstanding. 

Save water and drink champagne! Have A Safe Journey!




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