The List: Privileges of Having a Friend that Drives You to School

  Don’t tell me I am the only one who hates buses because I don’t believe you. They are slower, dirty as hell (whatever you are wearing on the bus, I’d advise you to burn it right after) and crowded. One month with them at the beginning of school, as no one of my friends had a driving licence, and I was already freaked out.

Finally, we started November in style, as my dear friend Jessica was the first one to pass the exam. Well, what to say, having someone who drives you to school every single morning has a lot of benefits… To be sure you consider all of them, I made a list.

    1. No more buses! This could be enough motivation for anyone.
    2. Being able to listen to your own music (or your friend’s) without earphones.
    3. Waking up 40 minutes later than usual. This is so amazing.
    4. You and your friends get closer. You don’t only share a journey to school, you literally share a journey.
    5. You get used to morning talks, taking the shortcuts in order to avoid traffic, morning coffee in the same old bar, apetizers at every possible hour of the day.
    6. You really start to live high school life… it’s like the movies, except for the fact you are really going to school.
    7. You always have an excuse to arrive late… you know, we preferred to drive safe…
    Do you go to school by car or by bus? What do you reckon about it?
    Have A safe journey!

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