Let’s Talk About: Taking a Break from Blogging

I’m sure you have noticed my lack of posts in the last few days. Not because I had only a little to tell you, but exactly the contrary: I had too much. I needed to think a little more about my latest decisions before actually talking about them.The last few days were crazy and I don’t even know where to start telling you… Berlin is in less than 5 days and I still don’t know my roommate, finally I have restarted running and a new project.

Farther than any expectation, 2015 has been amazing, but this was practice, the best is yet to come. Having run a half marathon and having in mind a full marathon and a PB on the half, it’s fair enough to say my running journey is not over and probably will never be.

However, before signing in for a race, I want to make sure I have a running buddy coming for sure, I’m never gonna run another race alone, and I need to do some serious changes.

Big news: 

1. A new running buddy, way faster than me but willing to help make me faster. 

 2. A serious attempt to eat healthier. 

 3. A new race in my mind. 

 4. Tickets for London (just kidding, I haven’t bought them yet) ~ I want London skyline tatted on my wrist 😍

 5. A new partnership 😏  ~ Happy faces ~

 What’s new in your life? Anything you are so excited about?

Have A Safe Journey!




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