On Friday I went running through the Upper City of Bergamo, one of my favourite place to run and walk. The view from there is magnificent and so was the company.  

My coach planned a 5k run, whether it was with an easy or a sexy pace it was up to me. I went for a sexy pace. I set off faster than usual, telling myself it was only 5k. 5k were easy when I used to run everyday. When I used to run 3-4 times per week. They are not damn easy now.

After the first hill (2km) I had to walk. I felt so ashamed and so bad that I restarted running almost right away, but the mistake was done. My heartbeat was high, around 170bpm, which should never be.

As we reached the third km I was pretty much fine. My legs felt tired, but my heartbeat was low and I could speak while running. I conquered the last hill and there was only 1km left.

150m left. I wanted to sprint. Jess told me I’m like my dad about it. I sprinted. I felt great, awesome, a real runner.

It was all about breathing, relaxing, running. Lesson learned, ready for the next. Are you?

Have A Safe Journey!




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