Snapshot Diary: 18/11

Good morning! Better latte than ever, right? My alarm clock rang later (big lie, I delayed it) so was a bit late than usual… Who cares lol…

 Foggy and not so nice morning in Albino… Thanks god is Jessica and not myself driving…

This is my desperation while watching PLL… Wait, this even gets worse…

Basically my wifi hasn’t been working for 4 days and, as my freaking internet is freaking slow, I sit near the window to get the signal from the city wifi all day long. It was even fast!


Oh that was what I thought when it came to go to the gym 😂 who agrees? 
Finally my babes are back! And tradition includes a chocolate soufflé, no matter what & for no specific reason.

 This is us! (L ->R) Me, Jess, Michi, Chiara… We are back bitcheees!

How was your day?

Have A Safe Journey!



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