The List: Races I Want to Run in My Life

Everyone has a dream, right? My running dream is to run a marathon every year starting from 2016, but what are the races I would give priority to? Here’s my list.

  1. NYC Marathon

Because it’s the biggest, the coolest, the greatest marathon a runner can ever run. The starting point of a running journey, the perfect place to come back after an injury, the last race ever, the ultimate challenge.

  1. London Marathon

You know my feelings for London and how amazing I do feel when I run there, so that’s the primary reason… but it’s also one of the big 6, so I guess it deserves a nice second place. First position for NYC, sorry.

  1. Berlin Marathon

Well, I guess this is the place to PB. The course is flat and fast, you can make the time of your life there. One day I will.

  1. Boston Marathon

Once I have the time of my life with Berlin, why not Boston? My only ambition for this marathon is to qualify for it, so a sub 3:35:00 time, better if you have a margin of 10 minutes, so you are more alike to get a qualification.

  1. Chicago Marathon

Last big giant of marathons, but not least of course! Not sure why, but I think once you run 4 marathon out of 5 you must finish the last big one.

  1. Tokyo Marathon

This race is getting bigger every year and has already beaten London regarding number of participants, it’s crazy, isn’t it? But you know, London is home and you have to run at home before or later.

  1. Race to the Stones

50k or 100k, this is something I haven’t figured out yet, but I will as soon as I will consider myself capable of running 100k lol. My friends from London has already experienced it and I fell in love with their pics, so I guess they blasted me with this trail running plague.

  1. Vancouver Marathon

Okay this is only an excuse to go to Vancouver or, if I ever managed to live there, to run in my hometown lol. Condition for this one: sub 4 hours.

  1. We Run Amsterdam, Milan, London, Paris, Nagoya, Berlin, Manila, Istanbul, SF, DC,…

I want to run every single Nike Women Race series in the world, at least once. It’s something I am so looking forward to, so starting from this year I have already run one (Milan) and I’m currently planning my next destination.

  1. UTMB

This will almost surely remain a dream. In order to qualify you must be really strong, both mentally and physically, and you must be fast. As I need to hugely improve in both, I might consider only going there to cheer and support my amazing friend and ultrarunner Nic.

11… 12… 13…

The races I have in my mind for now are those, but I’m sure I’ll run different ones, I didn’t mention any half marathon, but that distance is always nice and comfy so… you know, I like to keep this list open, in order to fill it, step by step.

Have A Safe Journey!



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