RUN BABY RUN: 8 Thoughts for 8K

I take a look on my Apple Watch to check a new notification when I see it’s already 3pm, it’s time to go out before the sun sets. There’s a warm autumn sun outside, it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I tell myself I will need to slow down, as it has been something less than 20 days (except for last Thursday’s run) without running. I feel pretty much fine, but the best (or worst) is yet to come. Here’s what my inner self thought as I kept running

1k: Look at you, you absolutely rock! You have already run 1000m, that’s a lot, I’m so proud of you! You can make it, maybe you should think about running like Forrest Gump, feel the burn, appreciate it, enjoy it… This is the life!

2k: Hey, buddy, please slow down… I know, that pace was great, but you have a lot to go and a little done, make it count anyway!

3k: Oh no, that’s not good… I feel sick, stop there, I need to throw up. Okay, maybe you really need to walk for a while.

4k: You have been walking for 200m, don’t you agree it’s time to start again? And then you throw up again… what the hell is wrong? Don’t go for 10k, 8 will be enough for today.

5k: I do feel slightly better, maybe I should try again… easy pace, do not expect to do much, it’s not a great day I guess.

6k: Hey, look at you, you have done all the trail path, only 1 km of hills left and then a nice shake out km back home. You can do it, you are really close.

7k: T…h…a…n…k…s G…o…d… the… hills… are… done… I am breathless, I definitely need some massive training.

8k: I see home, it’s close… speed up, let’s do a 250m hill sprint with no reason, sprint even harder back home and die on your patio. That’s the way to do it!

Yes , I’m a bit contradictory when it comes to motivate my mind throw running. My favourite calm down mottos are: Take it easy… easy peasy lemon squeezy and You’ve run a half marathon, you can deal with 8 freaking km. Anyway, yesterday’s run wasn’t exactly as good as I expected it, but I don’t care much… I know why I felt so sick (meat baby! Gonna eat only veggies next time lol) and today I don’t have pain, sign that I’m still a bit trained… now off to the gym to fight again for a huge dream.pres 1

Have A Safe Journey!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. aspiranterunner says:

    Interesting your personal motivation 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Camilla says:

      Hahaha Thanks! I know it’s really weird… What’s yours?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. aspiranterunner says:

        Not so complicated, my thoughts are more like “breathes…breathes…breathes” 😜

        Liked by 1 person

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