Sunday Talks: Wellness Weekend in 5 Days

Yesterday night I finally had the chance to speak with Patrizia and Massimo from Support PTG group about the next wellness weekend, which will take place this week, from Friday to Sunday. As mentioned before, last time was great, but this time it will be even better. This is the last event for the year, so we have to exploit it as much as possible. Are you looking forward to it as much as I do?

The Program

Friday: Meeting point on Friday evening at 7:00 pm at Hotel Milano Alpen Resort Meeting & SPA, located in Silvio Pellico Street number 3, 24020 Castione della Presolana (BG).
Please note: There are no events on Friday, but it will be nice to meet you all for dinner.

Saturday: after a cozy night in a hotel bed, you will be ready to smash morning session, starting at 8:30am with light conditioning followed by a whole food breakfast in the hotel’s Lounge Bar. It already seems cool, but the best part hasn’t come yet… Around 10:00am you’ll leave for a fit walk in the mountains, heading either to Cassinelli Chalet (say hi to Manu and Paolo from me!) or to the Vo Falls. They are both amazing places and if the weather will be nice, you will fall in love with them as much as I do. So what happens after a morning like this? You need to refuel to kick off the afternoon session, which includes core stability, cardio workout and a well-deserved cool down and stretching session. Dinner hopefully will take place in the hotel’s Enoteca, where you’ll be able to try local food, homemade desserts and have a lot of fun with you gym buddies.

Sunday: Sunday morning will be similar to Saturday, so conditioning, breakfast, fit walking and lunch. However, this time there will be a personalized workout for you to follow and the pre-dinner cardio and cool down as usual. The face-to-face or, if you prefer, one-to-one workout will help you more than ever, as it will make sure you are training in the right way and you are not doing wrong moves meanwhile.

I know everyone is kind of worried when it comes to train with new buddies and, particularly, when you are not so sure about your physical preparation, but I assure you can make it. Count on me, I’ll be the one sweating next to you! It’s great fun having company when your entire body hurts and, honestly, I believe a weekend like this is a special treat you should give to yourself every now and then. It will make you forget about all the worries you had in the past few weeks or month, so that you will feel relaxed and refueled.

You don’t need to be able to run a marathon in order to come, we want you even I you are a couch potato, as long as you are willing to begin this amazing fitness journey. And maybe, who knows, in one year time you’re gonna run a marathon. Or whatever.


Come, train with us. Begin your fit journey now. Have A Safe Journey!



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