Thinking about a nice summer sunset of 2014, when  dad came to pick me up at the airport, it’s funny saying the first thing he told me after 1 month was Honey, you look great but have you put on weight? Like thanks dad for the warm welcome back. Anyway, that’s not the point. The fact was in Canada I discovered Oreos, the original flavour only. And Reese cups, and peanut butter and a lot of junk food. After those three weeks I promised to myself to never buy Oreos again, at least when at home. I have eaten Oreos other time, but I never bought myself a stack of them.
The my uncle came back from Thailand and he brought me home three stacks of Oreos, a huge pack of dried mango and Thai cookies. My favourites are chocolate and peanut butter, but also chocolate are  not bad (strawberry are disgusting really). So after taking way too much pics of them, because I knew I was going to run an article about it (November plan is working pretty nice, isn’t it?), I tried them. One for each flavour, but they were so tempting. That’s why I brought them to the school party this morning. Yes, it was a decision that broke my heart, but that was the best for me. I have already started to feel bloated after 2 weeks not – running streak, two stacks of Oreos are not the best option in order to feel better.
But what makes Oreos so addicting? Maybe the fact cookies are really dark and with chocolate and the cream is sweet and with a nice vanilla taste, that makes the perfect combo. Do we want to talk about the fact you can eat Oreos in like 1000 different ways? And all the good memories they bring back? Long summer runs in Canada, sunsets in Detroit, debates in Otzenhausen, mornings on the tube in London… Probably it’s this the real reason why I love them so bad, wherever I go I find them, except in Italy lol.
Are Oreos your obsession as well?
Have A Safe Journey!


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