RUN BABY RUN: In Search of a Goal


My running crisis is still on. It has been on for 16 days, unbelievable, isn’t it? Well yesterday I actually went “running”. My pace was low, I haven’t had such a low pace on the 5k since June. But hey, that was fun. I went out late, it was already dark (#getoutthere right, Nike?) with a new mate. She’s way faster than me, her PB on the half is 1:40! But she’s very kind and nice, so she didn’t care i was slow and kept my pace.
I hadn’t been running like that for a while. Not in the terms of having run fast or far, but simply because just for once I didn’t check every two seconds my Garmin to see how many km I had left to go. The thing is, in less than one month running has changed from being the only thought I had in mind, to any excuse is enough not to go out and that sucks.

My mate, who is definitely more expert than me when it comes to running,  advised me to find a new race or a new running goal, in order to get my running lust back, however, you know how uncomfortable makes me the idea of racing. This doesn’t mean I’m never gonna race again, let’s be clear, NYC is still in my mind, as well as London, Berlin, Boston, Chicago and Tokyo marathons, but it’s not something I’m really looking forward to it.
My dad has always had in his mind the goal of running NYC sub 6 hours. When I was little my goal was to run NYC sub 5. After London I was sure I could make it even with a better time, I mean, 5 hours means your pace is around 6’30”-7’00″/km. I can do it, I know that. But can I do it under the 4 hours? What would mean a sub 6’/km pace and that would be way greater. I know that, in order to keep that pace, I need to loose yet more weight, however, my lifestyle in the last 16 days wasn’t exactly helping that goal. That’s why I need you my dear… could you advise me a new goal? My PB on the 10k is 55’31”, I have run a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon. Should I try a longer distance or a faster pace? Should I change sport? (Please comment below)

Have A Safe Journey!


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