Friday Favourites: 5

Favourite Driver: Michela

This is what our faces look like when it comes to an afternoon in Bergamo followed by a nice aperitivo!

Favourite Exhibition: Malevic

I really like that! And it’s crazy the fact that if one day I would like to see it again I have to go to St. Petersburg.
Favourite Post: The One About My Book

Have you already read that? I wasn’t really sure to tell you anything about it but I guess it was almost time… What do you think about it? Yay or nay?

Favourite Season: Skiing Season!

With running crisis going on full time, I really cannot way to go back skiing… Are you happy about it too?

Favourite Night Drink: Tea

You know, my coffee addiction has gone way too far, so I might switch some coffees for some cups of tea.

Favourite Comeback: Uncle & Cousin

BKK people are back! So glad to finally see them after more than a month… Plus they brought me home some goodies!

Favourite Workout: Pretty Little Liars and a Thai elephant

This is so not a workout but hey, at least I made you laugh with it!

Favourite Place: Hotel Milano

I absolutely love watching sun setting from these windows. Well, I guess I have this thing for sunsets..

What’s your fav experience of the week?

Have A Safe Journey!




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