RUN BABY RUN: Dear Running

Dear Running,I guess it’s time to give you a little feedback about our relationship until now. I discovered you in summer 2008, when I was still a little girl and my biggest interest in you was due to pink lighting shoes. You were like a game at that time, I didn’t expect anything from you, I just came to you whenever I enjoyed it.

Two months later, as I saw my dad running NYC, I promised myself I would do the same one day. And faster.

Then we set apart for a couple of years. Of course I really enjoyed running 6km every now and then, but I didn’t really had any specific goal in my mind. Until 2013. I was growing up unhappily, a lot has happened since that first run with dad in 2008. Mum has died, I felt a hole in my heart and I couldn’t help but cry and study as if there was nothing more in life. But that year I came back to you. And I did my first 5k (which by now is the only one I’ve ever done). It was done in 32’55”, with 3km of ascents and 2 of descents. Then, I stopped running because of pain.

You made me suffer of tibial pain for more than one year, nor even a day off. So I stopped. I put my running shoes in the wardrobe and they remained there for 13 months.

In summer 2014, that promised I’ve made to myself 6 years before, came back to my mind and, as I remembered loving those days when I used to go running with dad, I asked him if we could make that dream come true. We started training but, if you don’t have a plan, you don’t go fast nor far.

In 2015, on Sunday 29th March, I started my preparation for NYC 2015, and we all know how that ended. However, what I started to notice along this running journey is that I’ve fallen in love with running. I didn’t go to London only to run a half marathon, I went there to run with a group I consider a family, a group that made me discover how great is running with someone and, as a consequence, is making me impossible to run alone.

After London, my dear running, we didn’t really find any more harmony or pleasure at meeting each other, so we kinda set apart. But this is not something I want, so I’m praising you to collaborate in order to find a way to a new balance. Rome wasn’t built in one day, one and a half maybe. I have you 16 days, I guess our break is over by now. Are you ready to try again make things work? I really miss you and I don’t feel fulfilled without you. Please, I know I made a lot of mistakes and not enough stretching, I shoot my balls countless time, but you promised me I could count on you, always, no matter what. You have seen me on my worst and best days, on average days, under the sun as well as the rain. I’ve invested way too much in this relationship to let you go.

See you today at 4.

Best regards,

Your runner.


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