Let’s Talk About: My Book

 I’m pretty tired of answering this question honestly, but of course it’s only because I have gotten it asked for almost four years now. Writing on a blog is one of the things I like most, you know that, but I didn’t get closer to writing because of this. At first, whatever I wrote was only a draft in my computer then, document after document, I understood those pieces could make up a novel. I just needed to stop archiving them separate.Today, a couple of people have read my book. My dad is the only one who possess a full copy, but he had never read it (or at least not yet), my friends Francesca and Bianca have been reading draft after draft since 2013, the guy I’m interested in doesn’t speak Italian so, as most of you, has read only the prologue.

So, is it one book? Nope. In my mind it will be a trilogy, I have already written the first two volumes and I’m currently working on the third one. It’s fiction. Of course some feelings are real, but everything that happens to the protagonist or the other characters is pure fiction. I guess by now you have the right to get to know at least the plot.

The book is about Evelyn’s life, from when she’s a teenager to when she’s an eighty-years-old woman sat down on a wooden chair on her porch. In the first book, the story covers only 4 months: December 2011 to March 2012, plus the prologue which is set in June 2011. Thesis are essentials months in Evelyn’s life, who is currently only 15 years old but already an Olympic hope for her country, Canada. She’s in fact a ski racer, one of the best, holder of two national titles and therefore summoned to the Selections, 6 weeks of challenging training at the end of which the national federation will choose the new members of the national team. Evelyn has always been the best in her team and has always been trained by Mark Prefontaine. Will she make the team? Is she the best Canadian ski racer? What will happen with the new coach, the young and handsome, however dark and strict Luke Thompson? But most of all, will the truth come out?

So my darlings, what do you think of my book? Would you like to read it?

P.S. The title is (now) Last Days of Winter. 

 Have A Safe Journey!



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  1. aspiranterunner says:

    Interessante. Molto interessante 😊

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