Sunday Talks: Winter

Winter doesn’t start until 21st of December, more than one month from now, but that doesn’t mean we can talk about it right? 

 Winter is really the season I like most. No, that’s not true, when it comes to writing I love every season. In spring it’s all about nature, flowers, shorts. Days get longer, shorts get back into the laundry stuff, sunsets and sunrises. Summer is holiday season, it’s travelling the world with a backpack and โ‚ฌ10 in your pocket, it’s madness time. In fall Starbucks let you have pumpkin spice lattes with amazing cups, leaves fall, days get shorter so runs do. In winter you can write about icy landscapes, creamy snow on the street, Christmas. And I’m so looming forward to a bunch of hot teas everyday and Christmas and spices. Did I mention the cool tea room I found on Tuesday? Well it’s in Bergamo, I’m gonna tell you everything as soon as I go back there and get more tea.

And also skiing. Where should I start from? I mean, colourful jackets, hot trousers, hot chocolates, sunsets and sunrises on the slopes. It’s the thing I like most about it. The panoramas, nature, freedom. As you saw on Instagram, sunrises and sunsets are my passion, I would stare at them for hours if I could. Winter is so inspiring, I started writing my book in winter, on the 15th of December 2011, but that’s another story.

I also like the idea of me looking for presents in the best shops in town, like there was no tomorrow and I could spend all my money. The new Garmins are coming out very soon and I might treat myself with the 630. Maybe, I’m just saying maybe. But that’s a pretty enthusiastic maybe. Furthermore there’s also the new Nike collection and I know I shouldn’t get any more running gear as I’m actually not running, but who knows what love is going to bring me.

Last but not least there’s a little work and fun at the Apres Ski. Well, the fun is the perspective of being able to pay a huge trip next summer. And I honestly like the fact I can work and get some money without asking dad or something. It makes me feel like an indipendent young woman who actually earns way too little to live on. But that’s only the start right? And I don’t want my blog to become an advertisement website. However, extra money are always welcome, so come to the Apres Ski at Hotel Milano this winter!

What are your plans for the creamy season?

Have A Safe Journey!




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