Okay so I was pretty much of a runner one month ago at this time. I remember doing 15k on the same street just to get them done even if it was dark. I remember going to the gym once a day, no days off, cycling like 20k per day, studying in the gym because that was a priority for me. My energy was absolutely great. My body was feeling right, I was burning plus 500kcal per day. That was absolutely out of this world.

And then, I started panicking. November has started by one week and I haven’t been running for 12 days, which is my longest not running streak since March. I’m not happy about it, but I know myself way too better and, as long as I don’t find a new goal, excuses are stronger.

And so now I’m just sit on my bed, staring at my running shoes, wondering if we have ever been friends or not. I know it’s one of the worst moments of my life, I’m not sure I can deal with all this. But when life gives you hard lemons, you have to squeeze harder in order to have lemonade. Okay, this doesn’t make sense, but my easy peasy lemon squeezy mood doesn’t make sense anymore. 
I’m a runner. I’m still a runner. Excuses will fade, running will stay. I only need to get back on track with a serious race for which I have to train. That race could actually be a marathon, why not?

London bibs are done, but made I can find something else… Do you have any advice?

Have A Safe Journey!




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