Let’s Talk About: Spectre

 Yesterday night I drove my dad to the Italian premier of Spectre, the new James Bond movie, as a very late birthday present. You all know I’m literally crazy for JB (I even wrote a story about JB’s daughter!) so I booked the best seats, I spent the days before watching Casino Royal, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, to make sure I could remember any possible link.

Okay let’s begin from the actual data. Spectre was the original criminal association at the beginning of JB movies, the ones who killed for instance his wife, Teresa Bond. I liked the new idea they developed around the organization (I’m not gonna spoil you anything sorry), but you know, I was a bit nostalgic.

Bond Girls 

 I’m Italian and all the rest, but Monica Bellucci was totally inappropriate as a sexy Bond girl. Really, we would say “come i cavoli a merenda”. However, Léa Seydoux was amazing in the role of W’s daughter.

Daniel Craig


Already in Skyfall James Bond looked a bit old for his role, this time it was TOO old (in my opinion he has even put on weight). I love him more than any actor, but now it’s getting to old to be an effective JB.

His look is absolutely crazy as usual, how can I fight and be in the most dangerous situations and ending up as nothing as happened? I look like a survivor of the apocalypse after only a 5km run.

The End

This is gonna be hard to comment without spoiling. Let me tell you I almost cried thinking this is gonna be the last JB movie ever. My dad has to tell me it wasn’t the case, I’m not sure if I really meant it or if he just wanted to make sure I would drive him home and not the opposite.

Have you already been to see Spectre? What are your thoughts about it?

Have A Safe Journey!




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