Friday Favourites: 4

 Favourite activity: traveling  I took this pic on Sunday, when I came back from Rome. Like the road, also the railways are endless and misterious. Are you curious about my next trip? Soon I’m telling you everything about it.

Favourite thing about mornings: my friend drives us to school so I wake up so late

 I took this pic a couple of mornings ago. I can do so many thing if I get up 40 minutes later than usual, don’t you agree? And the sunrise is great at 7:20.

Favourite lunch: at Grandma’s! 

Okay be nice and don’t ask for the calories. But this lunch was worth them all.

Favourite present: Nike tee!  

This literally made my day. My sweet friend Anneloes got this for me when she was in London and send this to me…. I didn’t expect that, but surprises are always welcome.

 Favourite people: LDN Town Runners


It’s crazy to think some of the best people I’ve ever met have been with me for one month only. Another example of the fact than being bounded by the same passions counts more than actual time.

Favourite mountain: Presolana
(photo credit: Pietro Tomasoni)

This shot is absolutely crazy. Probably I’m going on top of my beloved Presolana soon.

Favorite moment at school: my deskmate’s balloon 

His name is Cartesio, he’s our friend and is trained to do whatever we ask him to.  

Favourite place: Home

 There’s no place like home. 

Favourite restaurant: Hama Sushi  

Do I have to add anything about my love for sushi? Uramaki ebiten for dinner.

Favourite Half Marathon: Rome-Ostia

Anneloes is running it. This means after the run she’s coming to visit. Direct consequence: I love this marathon.

Have A Safe Journey!




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    Love it!

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