NYC Marathon: 2016?

I’m not going to say that I’m running NYC 2016. Probably I’m going to train for it, but nothing is certain now. I simply thought this quote from Coach Bennett Camp was great and fully describes the marathon experience.

It’s not going to be perfect. And it’s best to come to terms with that now. 

You are going to go out too slow or too fast or fall asleep in the middle or come up short or have too much at the end. You may cramp because you drank too little and you may cramp because you drank too much. You may be sick and feel like crap. You may be healthy and feel like crap. 

It’s not going to be perfect. 

You have weaknesses. You screw up and make mistakes. You have doubts. You get scared. 

Because you’re not perfect either. 

But you’re not doing this because you thought you were perfect. You are doing this because you know you are getting Stronger. Because you are learning every day about yourself. And you Believe you can do this. And because being Scared is OK. Being scared reminds you that you are Alive. And sometimes you need to be reminded of that.
And you should celebrate that you are not perfect. That means you Always have something you can work on, Challenge yourself on. You know what you can be is Better. You know what you can be is your Best. 

You just can’t be perfect. 

So this mile, this run, this marathon, this journey between these start and finish lines can be Life Changing. It can be Inspiring. It can be a Triumph. 

It can be so many amazing things. It just can’t be perfect. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be Extraordinary. 

And neither do you. 

So, whether it’s NYCM or your local 5k, are you still running? Have A Safe Journey!




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