Health: Are You Drinking Enough Water?


Okay, we are all mad for health. Don’t tell me you just buy things you see at the supermarket, without reading the ingredients on the label, because I don’t believe it. I don’t normally do the shopping, most of the times my dad’s girlfriend goes to the supermarket and before going asks me if I need something. Basically I always go for goji berries, acai berries, cocoa nibs, oats and stuff like that. However, something which is never missing is WATER.Do you know how many litres of water do you drink daily? I mean, we all know the right amount should be between two and three litre’s depending on your body weight, age and so on. But do we really drink that much water? I personally can say that I drink way too much water, always more than three litres, whether by drinking tea or water itself. Of course I should keep an eye on it, but I also go to the gym or exercise almost everyday, so I can live with it.

Let’a talk about the things I shouldn’t do, so how to increase the amount of water you drink daily.

1. Drink a tea in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This is something being you by a coffee addicted, so trust me is something you can do. I wake up around 6:30, make myself a cup of tea, go to the toilet, watch something on TV or listening to music for ten minutes, then get myself ready and go out for breakfast. There ó get my coffee, knowing I have already had a cup of water.

2. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go, whether in your bag or in your hand. It”s not that heavy and its benefits are huge.

3. Never go one hour without drinking at least a sip of water. It’s like the first rule of the gym, never go three days without going, so you do with water (not 3 days, but 1 hour).

4. Instead of drinking so many coffees (read about my addiction here), drink a tea or water with infused fruit.

5. NEVER drink too much water at meal time, it will prevent your stomach from digesting food properly and make you feel full and bloated.

Now you have all the means to get closer to your goal. Always take care of your health, it’s the most important thing you possess.

Have A Safe Journey!




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