Let’s Talk About: Coffee Addiction

Last week I hadn’t been exactly healthy. I’m not talking about food, which was basically same as usual, but coffee. Normally, I go for 2-3 coffees per day. It’s a lot, but my schedule it’s tight and I loose countless hours of sleep along the day that I really need something to keep me awake.Last week I reached 6 coffees per day. Three times. And the other days I was around 4/5. I know it’s not healthy, I didn’t feel healthy at all. But I had to stay up, so I told myself: let’s do this.

On Sunday, when the stress was over, I told myself: “Okay, Camilla, now let’s get back to at maximum 3 coffees per day”. But three coffees where no longer enough to keep me awake, so I took 4. One more is not much right? Yes, it is. It’s too much. Already 3 coffees are too much, therefore I really need to cut on coffee. Of course I don’t put sugar in it, otherwise I would have put on so much weight with my daily consumption, but that’s not a good reason to keep drinking so many.

I’m gonna try not drinking more than 2 coffees per day for all the upcoming week, then try to lower even more. Caffeine is addicting, I finally realized that. I’m already addicted to running, I cannot have too many addictions.

And I’m also gonna give my body enough sleep, 5 hours per night are definitely not enough, no matter if I have to study, I must stay on track. I have learned taking care of myself is much more important than any school test: I cannot cut on health. And I also need to run more often, I haven’t gone for 5 days straight. It’s pretty weird, saying just one week ago I was doing a streak. Also because the year is coming to an end and I have a goal weight to reach, so no days off. Starting HIIT on Monday (for you yesterday) and trying to reduce coffee are the goals of the week. What are yours?

Have A Safe Journey!




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  1. I’m a coffe addicted. i’m trying to reduce it but it’s important for my heart. When I drink more than 2 o 3 coffee at day my heart begin to run too fast.


    1. Camilla says:

      Yes, I know the feeling! 🙈 However, I feel pretty good even with 6 coffees, my running has been great even with those conditions… The thing is I am really scared about the fact it causes addiction… I’m going for tea this week! In Bergamo (where I live) there is an amazing organic tea & cookies (sugar free) shop… Going there more often 😘

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