The Perfect Luggage: 24h Trip

Everyone gets mad about this question: what should I pack for a 24 hours trip? That dress is great, but what if we don’t go to an elegant place? Those jeans are fine, but what if it’s too cold? This weekend I’m going to a secret destination for my cousin’s birthday. Not that secret because every friend of mine knows about it. But I made such a good effort not to share it on Facebook until the actual day of the trip. Therefore, hey that’s a secret journey. Only until 5 pm, I promise.Anyway, all this beautiful introduction, was written only to share some advice on how to prepare the perfect 24 hours luggage.  

The List

1 pair of jeans (on for the trip)

1 night dress (or something for the evening)

1 sweater

1 bra

1 sport bra and 1 running outfit

2 VS pants

2 socks

2 tees

1 jacket

Toothpaste, toothbrush, beauty. pyjamas.Never forget to bring a pyjamas. Get only a pair of kick and one of heels, the rest is useless. Remember you only have 1 bloody little bag. Make the most of it! When I travel, I always make sure to take a book and my diary with me, in any case. It makes me feel more adventurous and relax during the journey. Okay, now you have to guess where I’m going. I’m leaving from Milan and I’m going there by train. It will take me about 3 hours… Where’s my next stop? Answer in next article!

Have A Safe Journey!




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