On The Road: ROME

As promised, here’s my destination. If everything has gone right, I’m on the train to Rome. Actually, by now I should already be in Rome. Or at least approaching.

YES, I’m such a good cousin that I go to the other side of the country only because it’s my beloved cousin’s 17th birthday. And YES I’m so looking forward to giving her the amazing gift I bought her. Because you know, she’s only one year younger than me, but she’s the little one, almost a sister to me. 

And guess who’s back in the capital then! Don’t you all love Rome’s amazing skyline? Where the ancient meets the new. Where the old meets the young. This is Rome to me. I know most of Italians only think about politics if they do a brain storming with this word, but I don’t. Because deeply, I’m such an optimist that thinks: Yes, we are gonna make it. Rome is the symbol of Italian greatness, a special reminder of who we where and who we are, less powerful, less strong, less big. But proudly Italians. 

 Have A Safe Journey (to #Rome)!




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