Friday Favourites: 3

Favourite Trophy: Day In Day Out 

This is the best Nike trophy I have ever earned. Thanks to the weekly streak which was the only one reason why I earned that.

Favourite Moment: Chiara’s Birthday 

 It’s always special when one of your closest friends turns 18. And it’s such a great way to start the week with a little bit of joy!

Favourite Flashback Pic: Hello Sally Team 

 Yes, this photo really doesn’t make sense to others, but it represents one of the best days of summer, when our London adventure began. If I remember well we were that tired because of a visit at the Natural History Museum.

Favourite Song: HELLO 

 I guess I don’t need to explain anything lol.

Favourite Day: Tuesday! 

 My elder cousin came to visit therefore… Chocolate heaven!

Favourite Workout: Running Barry’s Style 

 I was pretty much that with 10% incline as I finished the third repeat, but I kept going for 7 more. Cool mood (and paid the effort the day after 😂)

 Favourite Colour: Orange! 

 Obviously my absolute favourite colors are black and blue, but I love autumn andits amazing colours. However, I’ll soon have to live up the fact  snow will make everything white and creamy.

Favourite Madness: New Tickets for Somewhere  

It’s time to pack again. ❤️

What are the best things you have done this week? 

Have A Safe Journey!




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