Train 2 Run: Core Stability

Do you guys know how important is having a strong core in order to run efficiently and fast? 
Let’s begin by saying there are no shortcuts about it. ABS are the key to success, not only for dresses and crop tops, but also for running. When every Friday I meet my trainer she can tell if I have done enough core stability exercises or not by the effort it takes me to respect them.

Most of the times, I don’t do them as much as I would (and have to). But hey, my road to become a better runner is still under construction and this is a hell week for me. Are ABS enough to to have a stron core stability? Nope. ABS, Plank and stuff like that. For a killing session I advise you to use NTC Core Control by Dafne Schippers, Core Power Workout by Serena Williams, Core Strength Workout by Gracie Gold and if you really wanna give your best go for Alpha Abs by Joselynne Boschen.

 Please remember NTC workouts are pretty intense. At first you might have to do some planking and 3×30 regular abs, in order not to suffer so much. Remember to warm up properly, to cool down and to stretch.


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