Let’s Talk About: Self-Love

A few posts ago, I mentioned a huge goal for me: to run in shorts and sport bra without being ashamed or unconfortable. I never thought this was actually possible, but I am so glad to find out it was. Effort and determination drive you to amazing results.

What’s wrong with being confident?

Well, to be honest, today I didn’t have the same courage when I met so many people in the gym, at least I kept a tee. But hey, it was great fun. I know I need to lose yet a lot of weight, but I’ve started feeling good about my body and I honestly believe it’s better for me and even for the people around me.

Running has transformed me in a better person, a person who tells okay when your dad asks you to do something because of civil living, a person that doesn’t yells anymore but tell you I’m going running, let’s talk about it later, a person that says sorry. There is a lot I have to do to myself, I’m a work-in-progress, but I’ve started seeing the progress. And I’m so glad about it.

Loving yourself is essential to your happiness. Because hey, you are the person you are spending more time with, you better have a good time!

Have A Safe Journey!


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