Recipe: Acai Ice-Cream

Imagine yourself during a movie night with your best friends. You are having so much fun watching those new TV series on Netflix, when suddenly everyone gets hungry. We all know ice-cream is a must, when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy’s marathon, however, you suddenly remember you MUST eat healthier. You are craving ice-cream, but also a healthier option. What can you do? The answer is simple, go for a cup of Acai Ice-Cream. Basically is my own adaption of the acai berry bowl, great in the morning, afternoon, evening or whatever. Here’s what you need.

acai 2


2 spoons of acai berry powder
1 frozen banana
1 spoon chia seeds
1 cup of frozen raspberries
Almond milk
Dark chocolate chips (optional)
More raspberries
Goji berries
Toppings you like

acai 3


Using the mixer, create a nana ice-cream, using the frozen banana, the berries (better frozen as well) and sprinkle of almond milk. Once the ice-cream it’s done, add the acai powder, the chia seed and let the mixer do its magic. Freeze for a couple of hour, then decorate with more berries, dark chocolate chips, goji berries, nuts, whatever you like! Enjoy!

acai 1

Have A Safe Journey



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