Train 2 Run: Wellness Weekend

You know that amazing moment when your coach tells you to rest the whole weekend and you feel like you have just reached paradise? This happened to me on Friday afternoon.However, things end up slightly different. On Friday evening I felt like running. It’s not something I always feel, therefore I ran. And I ran hard. Then, on Saturday I was okay. There was a fitness and wellness weekend at Hotel Milano and Clarissa and I were invited to join a couple of sessions. Of course, I had the brilliant idea to go running right before 1 hour 30 minutes of aerobic conditioning. Well thought, Camilla! Sunday, right the opposite: 1 hour conditioning, then run cycle run. Thanks god going to bed earlier than usual and wearing compression socks meanwhile didn’t made my Monday morning so traumatic. 


But let’s talk about the two conditioning classes I took part in last weekend. Massimo, Patrizia and their son are personal trainers based in Milan (Support) who made a special offer for a 52 hours fit, health and well being weekend in Castione della Presolana, where their trainees could have not only an amazing training and nutritious food, but also great landscapes and places.Their program included aerobic workout, body sculpting, fit walk, spa… A concentration of wellness. I had fun, really, I didn’t imagine a gym class would ever suit me. You know me, I work with my trainer a couple of times a week, I go running as much as I feel like and I sometimes go to the gym either to run or to cycle, but even to study because one of the two gyms I go to it’s 10m away from where I life.

No gym classes in my weekly schedule. Most of the time this means there’s me and my music, in the gym, on the road or wherever. Having people sharing the session, the sweat, the pain and the joy with me was better. I could keep going without any problem. Furthermore, Massimo really focuses on stretching, something that I often skip to save time (even though I perfectly know stretching, core stability and cross crawls are essential to become a better runner), and my abs were crying after Saturday (Sunday luckily it was lighter).

Last but not least, he also checks your back is fine at the end of the session and helps you stretch out more.

To sum up, I am now sure I need to include more strength and HIIT training, as well as body sculpting in my weekly training. Otherwise no sub 50′ on the 10k. Next fit weekend will be from the 20th to the 22nd of November, book your place here and start working now towards a better version of yourself. The time is now, #MakeItCount.

Have A Safe Journey!




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