RUN BABY RUN: 1 Week Streak

You know I’m out of running goals. It’s a bit strange, I know, because I only ran a half marathon and not even in a super amazing and unbeatable time, therefore you would think: why the hell don’t you chase a PB? The truth is racing puts pressure on me, even when no one expects something from me. Therefore I need a new reason for running.

Last week I really wanted to try an experiment: running every day. I wanted to understand how my body feels if I train it every day. Let’s start from objective data:

Total Km: 42

Average calories burnt: +800 (I didn’t only run)

Day 1  

I’m so bad at taking decision. For instance, on Monday I did interval training after one week of no running. Almost died thanks to Coach Bennet’s killing session. Positive mood, however, which let me keep running no matter what.

Day 2  

Talking about bad decision, why did I go trail running the day after interval? Haha just joking, it was an amazing run… I guess I should dedicate more sessions to trail, at least now that it hasn’t snowed yet.

Day 3  

Bye bye shorts, we went through amazing runs last summer. I know you will have an amazing time in my wardrobe, please relax and rest a little. We will continue seeing each other when I go to the gym.

Can’t believe summer and even fall are over! I’m gonna miss long runs at sunset right before dinner (now at 6pm it’s freaking dark) and shorts. But welcome printed tights!

Day 4

It was bloody hot in the gym! Nice slow and steady recovery run in shorts and sport bra. I have never thought I could train with this outfit and feel great, no shame at all! This is the biggest progress for me.

Day 5


It wasn’t meant to be a run day. I trained in the afternoon… But I needed that. I wanted to feel the burn once more. and I was so pumped that I even broke my record on the 6k!

Day 6


Right before a quick conditioning session (tell you more about it soon) I went for an easy peasy lemon squeezy run. Music and no worries, didn’t even checked the time until I was back home.

Day 7  

Stupid photo because I was so tired. It has been cool I guess, I didn’t imagine I could keep up with a run a day, but when something is a priority to you, you definitely make time. Barry’s style just to kill myself for sure. Gonna suffer this today.

Nike always knows how to reward runners. I guess it was fun, I’m not sure if I’m gonna run today, but I guess we will all find it out soon. For now, let’s give the past week a last analysis.


– Way more energy than ever imagined.

– Overall feeling of peace, love and self acceptance.

– No worries about reaching your daily goal on Apple Watch.

– Chocolate oatmeal for breakfast (once)

– Wearing gym clothes I haven’t worn for a very long time as I was running out of running clothes.

– Using compression socks as much as I want.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You are a runner is it.
    I was too in college, but, 100 mtrs Sprinter.
    Running is good for Health Dear, keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Camilla says:

      Definitely! Running is my biggest passion, I only need to find a new goal and then work for it 🙂


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