Sunday Talks: Nike Madness

Yesterday night I had a huge wish to be in London. Okay, this doesn’t sound weird to you because I always have an enormous desire to be there, but yesterday there was a very particular reason. My favourite night of the year (the one with one out more lol) was celebrated with a super cool run from 1AM to 1AM. Doesn’t this sound great to you?

I really hoped the charming prince would come to pick me up with his jet and drive me to London but this morning I woke up in my bed and the only things I know about that amazing event are the Instagram pics.

 (The photos you see are from @becsgentry, @chloe_kletsa, @sophietyres, @magsmay_d)

Therefore the obvious consequence is a list of 10 reasons why Nike should consider doing a NRC Bergamo.

1. I was bloody fast last July and the longer I am away from London, the slower I get. 

 2. If you want to run fast and far, you need a group, Becs, Cory and Joel as coaches, Mags, Nic, Sophie, Saheed, Rebecca as Pacers and Chloe, Noemi, Anneloes, Kyrstie as fellow runners. 

3. London is super cool, but there are no places like Bergamo to do hill training.

4. We have stunning routes as well, such as running on the Venetian walls. 

  5. NRC means there is a Nike Store. I want a Nike Store in Bergamo so bad. 

 6. Can we talk about having a pacer that makes you respect a pace instead of having yourself looking at the Garmin or Apple Watch on your wrist? 

 7. Did I mention anything about the club’s t-shirts? #RUNNER 

 8. And thevolt pacers’ t-shirt? 

 9. What about a weekend session in Castione? Pure trail running, stunning landscapes, delicious food and after running spa threat. 

 10. Bergamo is closer than London (for me).  

Do you agree with this? Should we ask Nike to do a NRC Bergamo?

Have A Safe Journey!




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