Let’s Talk About: Netflix

A couple of days ago Netflix was finally available in Italy. I spent two weeks of my life with it while I was in Canada and I found it amazing. Therefore I was pretty excited about its coming. 
 As everyone is doing at the moment, I got my month free and checked out what the Italian Netflix has to offer. A pros and cons list might work better.


– A lot (and I mean a lot) of movies and TV series I didn’t even know their existence. (A Second Chance, for instance) 

 – Everything is available even in English, which is great and instructive too.

– It’s not as expensive as sky.

– It uses the Internet and my wifi at home is bloody fast, so no interruptions because of storms, snow or whatever.

– It’s cosmopolitan. Everywhere in the world there was, except Italy. Yes, I’m a freaking product of globalization. 

– Series that are not present: Grey’s Anatomy (ARE YOU KIDDING? Still frustrated because of this), CSI, NCIS, Dollhouse, Make it or Break it, The Hundred, The Whispers. Basically all my favourite series are not on Netflix. (Can I say Where’s The Food?).

– Movies that are not on Netflix (the ones I searched): Stick it, 007, Fifty Shades of Grey, Salt. Again, ARE THEY KIDDING?

– It’s addicting.  

So my overall review is bittersweet. I had high expectations, I know that, but they should have been fulfilled. Netflix is international, why can’t it be as good as the US version?

It’s a double-edged sword, great on some points and unbelievably silly and basic on others.

Have you already tried Netflix? How did you find it?

Have A Safe Journey!



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