RUN BABY RUN: Day After Day

It’s easy. One day in, one day off. You have all the time that you want to rest you body and make it ready for the day after. But, what about running every single day? After reading about Kyrstie experience, this thing started to interest me a lot. I’m not sure I could handle running 100 straight days, but I have already seen the benefits by running 4 days straight. My body knows at 4:30pm km going for a run. My body craves it. And it’s amazing.It’s harder, I would lie if I said every run it makes my pace better. Somehow it certainly does, but I’m not sure when I’ll see that. For now I see a lot of suffer, tired muscles and compression socks always on my calves. But hey, it’s a journey. I’m trying to run everyday this week, don’t know about the next.

But running is going back being my biggest passion and this is something to appreciate, don’t you agree? I have even gone on a trail, which was a unbelievably extraordinary contact with nature. Might get even more addicted to run. Stay tuned to see how the rest of the week goes!

 Have A Safe Journey!




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