Obsession: DKB

I don’t usually talk about clothes and stuff like that. My addiction to Nike is a well known fact (even though my favourite bra is Adidas Stella Sport), however, I have never mentioned my long lasting addiction to DKB. DKB was born as a brand for active use only. They have tech clothes for skiing. They don’t have a running collection (imagine me crying), but if it’s training and your Nike fav waterproof jacket is in the washing machine, the only suitable jacket you could use is a wind stopper or a rain jacket from DKB.

Where I live it’s very cold most of the year, therefore Nike stuff might be too light alone. DKB offers me the right material to run, ski, bike and travel in whatever condition. Their products are made with gore-tex, the same material used for trail running stuff. You don’t get wet, even after hours and hours under the rain, the snow, the storm. I honestly love the mercury jacket more than everything. It’s my favourite ski jacket, not only because it’s pink, but also because it is ready for every condition, thanks to its raincoat hidden in the hood.

Unfortunately for you, my dear ladies, the mercury jacket is no longer available, but you can shop the new version called Nano Therm Jacket, which is slighty different, in orange, green, blue or black version here and be ready for everything. I always think I could start being an explore with it, but in reality I use it only to go skiing and having fun in cool location with my best friend Clarissa. Yes, I’m so contracditory. Oh and have you seen the tender fleece? I was freaking out when I saw it on the website. It’s absolutely amazing, it’s like a skiing version of the Nike Tech Pack! I need one, really.

Last but not least, when they presented this year’s collection, last February, there was even a matching outfit mother and daughter. I mean, could you imagine it? I don’t have daughter, but if I had, I would buy us that for sure. It’s like the movies!

So… are you ready for the winter season? Let’s face the cold!

Pictured (from left to right)
White/Green DKB Ski Team Jacket + trousers (2012 collection)
Pink mercury jacket (2013 collection) and its white raincoat
Black tech fleece women collection

Have A Safe Journey!



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