Let’s Talk About: The Ski Season

Another passion of mine is doubtless skiing. I did ski racing for a couple of skiing, but then I understood I just wanted to ski. Today, 16 years later, I still love snow and I still look at it with the same eyes of a 3 years old girl fully in love with it. However, as for running, my relationship with skiing has its highs and its lows. Thanks God, the team with which I did ski racing keeps on supporting me and helps me finding inspiration every time I need it.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the kids skiing in this team, contacted me via instagram, asking if I could advertise her youtube channel on my blog. Saying that I find her videos super cute and I enjoy them so much, I answered yes right after I read the message. Unluckily, she wrote me the video was ready the night before the half marathon, therefore I made her wait a little longer than planned.

Anyway, she made this beautiful video about her passion for skiing, how everything began, what made she fall in love with it. I’m sorry my international followers, but this is only in Italian, but have a look anyway, images are super cool!

Give her some love and follow her! There is also a cool vlog about the things she loves most of winter and a bunch of great videos! Well done, Fede, can’t wait to ski with you in Cervinia in November.

Have A Safe Journey!



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