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Here we go again. Running shoes, such close friends on a lot of days, have seemed to be kind of an unknown object in my room, since I came back from London. It has been 6 days. Tomorrow seven. It’s unbelievable keeping on not running for such a long streak, I find it weird.

I have always told myself, I would keep running, no matter London result. And now, here I am, my shoes looking at me, telling me “hey, you, freaking idiot, why have you stopped running?”. Yesterday night I talked about it with my dad, while heading back home from Milan. He told me, after running NYC Marathon in 2008, he ran the day right after the marathon and then no more for 6 months. I means, six months! My dad used to run 75km per week that year. And then, not even 1km per 6 months. I was freaking out.

I honestly don’t want this to happen me. The thing is, I might hate running on some days, but running makes me feel so good. I mean, have you seen me with this dress? I don’t look fat! It’s crazy! The good news is, after a week of running I haven’t put on weight, which is a great surprise, considering Aurora, Laura and I went to California Bakery for dinner on Saturday night.

Dad told me, the six months without running happened to him because he was not physically ready for a marathon and his body couldn’t handle with the effort after it (same happened after his London Marathon 2011). I was ready for the half marathon, I know that. I might not have been as fast as expected (1100 freaking km and my pace was still above the 6’/km: WTF?), but when I crossed the finish line, I knew I could go on longer if I wanted to (I didn’t want to, but after grabbing my medal I ran to the French Embassy, where my English mum and my uncle were waiting for me).

Anyway, all this 345 words have a meaning: on Monday I’m gonna start a training program for a fast 10k, because my current record on that distance is still 57’18” and I have to lower it to a sub 50’.

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Furthermore, the goal of 1000km in one year had already been reached, therefore I might think about 1500, so 400 to go in 2 months and a half. Let’s try, don’t know if it will happen for real or not. The 100 days running project? Definitely not for me, at least not now. I find it so difficult to fit 3 workouts per week in my tight schedule, I cannot imagine 7 workouts per week (plus double workouts when I have to meet my PT or do some strength). Well, maybe one day. That would be awesome.

And hey, my current PB is 28’10” and I need to lower it to a sub 25’. There could be improvement even on my 15k time (1:32:30) and my 20k time (2:06:25) and my half marathon (real time): 2:15:25. I’m gonna work on all the distances step by step, for now shorter is better. My legs are a bit sore and probably even my mind is a bit sore. But I cannot complain, this journey is great.

And my dear friend Nic advised me to start trail running… maybe J for now I’m just reading a book about trail running and dreaming about UTMB (one day, NOT NOW). That’s could be all. Let’s try to lace up those shoes once more, I’m sure after a nice shake out run everything will be better.

Have A Safe Run!



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