RUN BABY RUN: What’s Next?


On Sunday, I basically crossed that finish line smiling more than ever, happy about the result. As soon as I checked my time, however, I thought I could do it faster. I am an ambitious person, you know that. Anyway, that was literally my first thought, therefore I believe I was pretty ready to face a half marathon.

I had been thinking about my running journey after London for a while, but now I really don’t know what to do, because London is over, my medal is hanging with the others and I have no specific plan. Of course there is the #WeRunMilano 10k and maybe I can even make it for the #WeRunLondon (but that would actually happen only if I can be sure to stay under the 5’/km pace. YES, That’s the condition. I’m not going to race in London with a bloody 6’/km again).

Such a cool idea was to run 100 days, like Kyrstie (and I think many others) did. Well, that could be fun, but is it really the best option for me? Would I be happier by doing this? I’m not sure. My idea is to work on my pace. I know I can keep a pretty good pace on short distances, not on longer distances. I basically believe this is the key point of my running journey. My goal is to run 12km in less than one hour. This would be pretty intense, but no pain ย no gain.

However, before taking a final decision on what to choose as my next goal on my running journey, I’m gonna talk with the running people I trust most. We will figure out what’s better for me. For now I’m just laying in bed, looking outside the window, wondering why I am not feeling like running anymore. I bought new gear in London, great for fall and winter, but I didn’t feel like going out and trying it.

Well, today I didn’t feel like doing anything, therefore I just let the time pass. Tomorrow it will be better. Or so I hope.

Have you been running these days? Are you looking for a next goal?

Have A Safe Journey!



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