Training: My First Half

 Alarm clock was set for 6 am, but I started freaking our way before it rang. It was my first seruous race and I was excited, scared, terrified with butterflies in my stomach.

I did some stretching and some core stability in the room, the walked to the Health & Fitness Village in Hyde Park, close to the starting line.

I was in the third group to start, so we waited 20-25 minutes before actually starting. My idea was that: 4x5km and a final sprint.


 1-5 Respect the Pace

The first 5 splits were pretty good. I almost PB on the 5 which is crazy. I ran them with Manu, an amazing runner from Switzerland, but after a little we were running at different paces, therefore we wished good luck and I walked the mile in Trafalgar Square alone.

6-10 Respect the Rhythm

My heartbeat was low. That was a cool surprise, I could keep up with a pace I didn’t even know I had, and the 2:10 pacers where far behind me.

11-15 Respect the Pain

And then I felt it. Strong and increasing. My left knee was in total pain. I didn’t know what to do, I expected that, but not that early. I grabbed some water and tried to calm down. Walked a little and then kept going.

16-20 Respect the Distance

My knee was getting worse and worse. I started running splits of 800m and then walking 200m to control the pain. Thanks to Gordon who was with me during these horrible moments.

20-21.1 Respect the Sprint

1.1km is like running from my house to the bridge and then up for 2 hills. I knew that, it was a short distance, it was time to make it count. I speeded up, ignored the knee pain and reached a hard pace (for me).

800m to go, the finish line was close.

400m to go, like one lap of Mile End track. I could see the finish. I was so happy about it.

200m to go, my uncle and my English mum were there supporting me. Let’s give it all.



 Respect the Experience

It would have been a PB in every case. Thinking about it, it could have been better, but that was the first and I am sure there will be many other. Now, ready for a new project, I will tell you more soon!

Have A Safe Journey!



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  1. Camilla!
    It seems you have browsed my blog and have liked most of my posts.
    Here I come to you.
    That shall be a good journey for both of us hence.
    I press the Follow button for you.
    I did not receive any comments on how you felt my posts.
    Could you put a comment on those.
    Fondest Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Camilla says:

      Sure! I’m gonna write as soon as possible! It’s a great blog btw! Best,


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