Snapshot Diary: #London Bound 2

Yesterday (for you Thursday) I asked Becs if I could come anyway at the Train To Run Session on Friday morning, even if I didn’t get a spot.  
As that was her super nice answer, I set my alarm clock, get myself back together and went out early in the morning.  
I love the London crew. Really. Everyone was so nice and welcomed me back and hugged me. I got my favourite pacers (Maggie, Nic, Joel & I even met the great core pacer Sophie) and my favourite coach… The one and the only Becs!


 My legs we feeling shit. I managed doing a almost 5k run at a 6’30” pace but it was nice running with them and you know me, I don’t care much about the pace. Thanks to Maggie and Sophie who looked after me during the run and made me run on an amazing route.

  Walked with Sophie to Holborn station and then went back to the hotel. Breakfast. Again, this place is awesome.


   Then we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum (again for me). However, I was spotted in a pretty excited pose and I felt a tourist as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  If you were looking for me after Sunday I could probably be in this bed.


 Lunch spot was the Whole Food Market in High Street Kensington one of the best and healthiest places I have ever been to. My new Friday favourite: the mangojito juice!

  In the afternoon we went to Paddington to collect my bib and then back to the hotel.

  Before leaving for dinner and for the theatre I had already walked and run plus 23k. Crazy!


   Dinner in Piccadilly before going to the theatre… The Phantom of the Opera is here!


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