It’s already Monday. Monday 5th October. And I’m literally freaking out. I remember with a smile the day I bought my bib, when October seemed so far, and now it’s here, isn’t it crazy?On Saturday I did my last endurance (15k) and it was amazing. All the effort brought me to the absolute record on that distance: 1:32:30. Also the splits were pretty good, the first 5k were 31:01, the 10k 1:04:02 and the last 5k were the fastest km of the day, with a sub 6 pace.

I know I can get even better. On Saturday I ran in the worst conditions ever: outside it was dark and cold, the street was 750m long because of that (I didn’t want to go to my beloved trails because of the darkness and because I’m a unprotected girl). It was boring even though there was the town fest and everyone I met cheered on me.

But I finished them. I know I have to warm up properly on Sunday, I have to stretch out only a little, to drink tons of water, to go to the toilet and to drink every 5k. I checked the clothes I’m going to wear and the new bra which is more than amazing. Everything seems to be ready and I guess tapering is the only thing left to do.

Thanks for having followed me through this journey, next RBR post is coming on Friday, right after my last run before the marathon.

Have A Safe Journey!




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  1. YOU ARE AMAZING, you’ve got this, you are going to crush this marathon! Run happy💟


    1. Camilla says:

      Thank you so much! I hope so 🙌🏼 are you a runner as well?


      1. I am! I will be running my first marathon in November! Can’t wait to see how yours goes!

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