Run Baby Run: I’m Alive

Good morning my fellow runner! I know what you are thinking, are you even a blogger? You are not publishing regular enough.I am really sorry but pressure is literally killing me. Back to school less than two weeks ago and already been told I have to study very hard for the exams. Then endurance runs and I’m there like how the hell can I find 2 hours to go running on a Wednesday evening? And driving licence exam. But I passed it!

I would like to tell you everything I did in the past two weeks, but I guess you won’t read a novel so happily. Therefore, a little sum up!

Last Friday, 18/09 (which was meant to be a rest day) dad was in a mood of a run. It’s not something that happens really often, I mean, last time we have run together was last July. Given that I am a good pacing daughter and I was at 996,59 km on Nike Plus, it’s obvious I accepted. 1001 km & Blue Level reached.

 Still struggling with back pain and a running/existential crisis tough, thanks to the people I love most. Moreover, tomorrow is a new day. A new beginning. And I will make the most of it.

Today (yesterday for you) I met my coach and spoke about future goals, then trained my abs as f*ck, then bought new kicks because mine are done *happy face*!


Finally, I went back home, grabbed my provisory driving licence, drank my super pre running smoothie and finally went in bed to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve had two full, stressing weeks. Now, I need to rest and calm down. 10k tomorrow (for you today) in my new kicks. Can’t wait to try them!

London in 16 days, I’m a bit worried but we’ll talk about it in another post.

Have A Safe Journey!




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