Friday Favourites: 2

Favourite Place: The Seaside

I told you the reasons why I really had to go away again and it worked, because I actually went to the seaside. I’ll tell you more soon.

Vi ho detto che avevo davvero bisogno di un viaggio, è così l’ho fatto. Presto vi racconterò tutto.

Favorite Mean of Transport: Train


Can we talk about long train journeys? They are actually amazing. I love them, no doubts. You can use your phone all the way long, and it is never out of battery cause you recharge it meanwhile.

Possiamo parlare dei viaggi in treno? Sono fantastici. Puoi anche usare il telefono e caricarlo. Io top. 

Favourite experience: Jumping from the fly of a boat

This is actually frightening, kinda crazy, but I did it anyway. After half an hour of convincing words haha. 

Questa è stata spaventosa, pazza, ma l’ho fatto comunque. Dopo mezz’ora di convincimento.

Favourite activity: Running


No longer crisis and so happy about that!

Fine della crisi, alèè!

Favourite must have: running shoes!


 That was obvious.

Ma questo era ovvio.

Favourite Disco: La Suerte!

Biggest love: Travelling!


Have A Safe Journey!




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