This is the End

They say all the beautiful things have an end. They say that’s part of their beauty, otherwise they would just enter the routine. Even though I’m trying to figure out the positive side, I really cannot find the beauty in leaving London. In leaving Laura. In leaving my second family. In leaving my friends.Hyde Park’s trees swaying in the breeze. The crispy air on the platform. The rain on your cheeks. The people you met. The people you left. It was all about leaving my life at home for one month, but now? What about the life here?

A coffee on the table. A bag too heavy to be carried. A smile. An early clock. A huge toast. My mornings in London were like that, simple, always in a hurry, great.

The city lights. The bridges. The feeling of being limitless. The pubs, the parties, the runs, the crew. The freedom.

Goodbye London, I’m gonna miss you so bad.

Have A Safe Journey!

Your Londoner

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